What Is A Ventrilo Server And What Does It Do?

October 9th, 2016 by admin

Have you heard people talking about Ventrilo servers and wondered what they are? A Ventrilo server is actually a program used for VoIP calls. (VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.) Gamers online have been known to use Ventrilo for real-time game interaction.

Basically, the way Ventrilo works is that there is a server that allows clients (users) to connect and talk. Depending on the setting (codec) used, the sound fidelity ranges from very good down to telephone quality.

The quality you can get while using a Ventrilo server to make calls will depend on the type of internet connection you have. For example, if you have broadband, such as Cable or DSL internet service, you can use higher quality settings and hear phone calls better than you would through a standard telephone on a landline (or on a cell phone). However, if you use a lower bandwidth internet service (dial-up), the quality won’t be much better than a regular phone call.

One advantage of Ventrilo is that you many players can connect and communicate in an online multiplayer game. Gamers like to call Ventrilo “Vent” for short.

However, gaming is, again, not the only application for Ventrilo servers. It is also used for regular phone calls (voice chatting) and is also used on entertainment broadcast programs as a way to receive phoners (callers).

VoIP calling systems like Ventrilo are becoming increasingly common. If your internet or cable TV service provider has offered you phone service, there is a good chance that they are using Voice over Internet Protocol instead of the older POTS system (Plain Old Telephone Service).

One advantage of using a VoIP system such as that offered by Ventrilo servers is that you can save money. It generally costs much less to do VoIP than regular phone service and cellular phone service. However, some say that using internet for your telephone service is not yet a perfected technology and should not be used as a primary source. Others are 100% satisfied with their VoIP services.

The only way to decide if Ventrilo or any other type of VoIP is good for your primary telephone service is to try it out. You can switch to VoIP only or use it as a secondary telephone service until you are convinced that it is reliable enough to use as a primary source to rely on for making all of your calls.

Many businesses are already using VoIP for all of their calls. Individuals are also using it in their homes with very solid results. And of course, the gamers are thrilled that they can communicate while they play together as individuals or on teams in special multiplayer online games.

Interestingly, many who have heard that Ventrilo and other VoIP services work great are still skeptical, because this technology is still relatively new. However, what they fail to recognize is that VoIP is not THAT new. TV shows on Tech TV were talking widely about the technology nearly a decade ago! It is time tested and there is really nothing to worry about when it comes to using a reliable internet-based phone service.


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