Apple Tv, The New Age Entertainment Device For You

October 9th, 2016 by admin

Apple TV is the child of Apple. It was first introduced in San Francisco, California, on 12 Sep. 2006, by Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs. It allows you to play media from popular sources like the iTunes store. It has a network device with dual purpose that works for a media receiver or a home theater – connected iPod device, depends upon the user requirement.

Apple TV provides entertainment with a click for digital remote control. A wide variety of channels are just simple navigation away. Apple TV provides wireless synchronization for iTunes to your TV, so you can get high-definition sounds in your home. ‘Genius feature’ that automatically creates a play list of your songs through I-tunes library. All features are available to an iTunes user.

Apple Remote allows user-friendly navigation in an iPod-style interface. So browsing has become much easier like (photos, movies, TV shows, and music). The tiny look of the i-pod screen has also caught the user’s eye. Apple TV gives iTunes movie trailers and offers 30-second previews on iTunes songs. It has one USB connector with ample storage space. You can talk to a tech support service provider for Apple product services.

Apple TV comes with 1.0 GHz CPU called Crofton and supports 802.11b, 802.11g as well as ultra-fast 802.11n network specifications. Its 40GB hard drive enables you to transfer a huge amount of data into Apple TV .It will come in local area network when it is connected to your PC. Once the Apple TV icon appears, just a click on it will enable you a list of options and you’ll be able to organize synchronization features as per your convenience. I-Tunes software mechanically copies all data – photos, music, videos onto the Apple TV through your home network. Apple TV’s storage space boasts about being able to store approximately fifty hours of videos or nine thousand songs or twenty-five thousand pictures!

It can be attached to any television set or video equipment through component video connections or (HDMI). It’s wireless feature will work as a projector or a laptop. Video/audio cables can be attached but are not included with the purchase of an Apple TV decoder.

Mac Life assures that the product will be used to work with any standard definition TV which has component video connectors. For its true capabilities and high-definition reception it is suggested to use an enhanced definition widescreen TV. It will also update the software automatically and new software developments will help the users to get the best of it.

So can we say that “it is a young dog that can be taught numerous new tricks?”


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